Dear Central PA Member:


It is unimaginable to many of us, that we find ourselves in this current situation – fighting a pandemic. I hope you are all doing well and staying safe. I have been hearing and seeing many inspirational stories where healthcare professionals are pitching in to provide care to ensure a continuity of services. For all the good work you are doing during these challenging times, thank you.


Especially in these trying times, we need to look forward. Our program committee is working to provide quality education through webinars and meetings through a variety of mediums. Additionally, we will soon be welcoming your new Board of Directors for 2020-2021:  


  • Kristy Pipher Richmond, President

  • Danielle Cerminaro, President-Elect

  • Nick Barbera, Secretary

  • Amber Schon, Treasurer

  • Laura Cermak, Director

  • Scott Foster, Director

  • Carrie Gingrich, Director

  • Jennifer Huff, Director

  • Chris Schenkel, Director


As your incoming President, I look forward to working with each of you to meet the needs of our members. Please continue to stay healthy and safe, and reach out to any one of us with questions or concerns.

President's Message

Kristy headshot.jpg

Kristy Pipher Richmond

Vice President of Sales

Central PA HFMA, President-Elect, Program Chair


Commercial Acceptance Company

local 717-216-5028

toll free 866-678-6855, ext. 214

fax 717-901-5565